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    Since its incorporation in 1978, Fitness Institute has been committed to enhancing life through sound education in health and fitness. To date, the Institute has provided for the education and certification of thousands of fitness instructors and personal trainers who in turn have assisted others in improving their personal health behavior.

    Comprehensive Education & Professional Certification

    To provide the requisite knowledge base in exercise science and documentation of such training, Fitness Institute offers a premier program of comprehensive education and professional certification. Unlike weekend cram courses, the Institute attracts serious and discriminating students who desire more than cursory instruction and meaningless certification – they insist upon a “first class” education.

    Curriculum, Standards & Philosophy

    Since a certificate is no more valuable than the training behind it, Fitness Institute subscribes to a demanding curriculum which is taught by professionals with graduate degrees in exercise physiology, nutritional biochemistry and the practice of medicine. Standards are those outlined by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength & Conditioning Association which are the recognized authorities within the field of exercise science. Philosophical and value based concepts are presented within the context of our American heritage and Judeo-Christian values.

    Program Structure

    The Institute offers six training courses, each of which is sixty hours in length and extends over a ten week period. Classes meet twice a week for three hour sessions and are conducted during the days and hours indicated on the ‘Schedule’. Individuals may take one course at a time, which is recommended for those working during the day, or may double/triple up on courses, which is frequently the case with out-of-state and out-of-country students who can devote full time to study. Each “Specialist” course leads to the award of a certificate and, upon completion of all six courses, the Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS®) credential which is a registered mark.

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